AC Repair & Maintenance Company in Dubai


AC Repair & Maintenance Company in Dubai

As Dubai’s leading AC repairs and maintenance service providers, our experienced technicians operate throughout the city and neighborhood sectors. We provide unique, highly professional services at an unbeatable price to all our clients.

Our AC specialty covers installation, aftersales repairs and maintenance of portable and fitted AC units in both commercial and residential sectors. At RTS, we also provide free inspection and survey to make sure you get perfect service every time.

Our AC maintenance, installation and repairs service in Dubai caters to commercial and residential sector. We promise excellent value for money while providing ongoing AC service and maintenance support, including emergency repairs.

All our technicians are ✔ licensed professionals bearing years of industry experience for quality AC service as well as treat your property with extreme care and precision as if their own.

Best AC Maintenance & Repairs Services in Dubai

At RTS, our AC repairs and maintenance engineers serve across Al-Barsha and the rest of Dubai. We are dedicated in providing speedy, cost-effective and high-quality service to save your precious time and effort. To help you avoid any unnecessary and untimely repairs and breakdowns, here’s what we cover in our AC services:

  1. Air filter replacement
  2. Cleaning of condenser coils and evaporator unit
  3. Inspection and cleaning of the drain line and pan
  4. Lubrication of condenser fans and blower
  5. Inspection of basic AC controls and electrical wiring
  6. Detailed check of the thermostat for appropriate functioning
  7. Inspection and cleaning of the ductwork and air registers

Our Promise & Delivery

As a professional & certified AC repairs and AC maintenance services company, our promise is to provide detailed, effective and efficient management of all your HVAC system. We have a dedicated team specialized in serving both residential and commercial units across Dubai. Regular maintenance of your AC unit guarantees:

  1. Longer equipment lifespan
  2. Dramatic reduction in maintenance costs
  3. Ensuring warranties are honored and claimed at the right time


Our AC repairs and maintenance includes:

Condenser Unit

  1. The condenser unit controls the refrigerant in the AC through closed circuitry.
  2. Pumping of the refrigerant between the condenser unit and the furnace happens back and forth.
  3. At any time, the condenser unit experiences any issue, your AC performance is affected.

Have the condenser unit checked with our technician if:

  1. AC cooling has been compromised or decreased in any way
  2. Air from the AC unit is the same as that of the room temperature
  3. AC unit doesn’t power up or may seem non-functional

Air Duct

Air duct repair requires more in-depth work as the ducts are spread all over the place and possible leak or tear in the system can be anywhere which eventually compromise the performance of your AC.

You need an AC expert for air duct in case of:

  1. Poor performance of the AC
  2. Gradual increase in the energy expense
  3. Downgraded indoor air quality
  4. Longer or inadequate running cycle of your AC

Furnace & Air Conditioner Systems

Furnace is the core powerhouse for both heating and cooling units.

Any flaw in the furnace would compromise total performance of your AC unit.

Call our AC repairman for furnace servicing if:

  1. The AC air smell unusual or the unit releases funny, unusual sounds
  2. Iced evaporator coils
  3. Air filters are dirty
  4. Stuck/stalled fans and motors
  5. Defective heat exchanger


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